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Customer Care Program - APAC


Oracle Corporation is the world's second-largest software maker by revenue. The company specialises in developing and marketing computer hardware systems and enterprise software products.


In 1994, Oracle Corporation began an annual customer satisfaction survey program. This was eventually a global program covering all countries and all Oracle lines of business.


In 1999, the Oracle Corporation Global Managers Meeting was briefed on the:
  1. Existence of "terrorist" customers who were actively preventing sales
  2. Shortage of good reference customers
that posed a serious threat to the important Oracle Applications business.


Global initiatives to convert "terrorist" customers - into "indifferent" if not "apostles" - and a formal reference program were established. Philip Radburn was given responsibility in the Asia Pacific Division (Greater China, India, South East Asia and Australia-New Zealand).
Philip established a Divisional team of Customer Care Managers (at least one in each country), persuaded the LoB heads to create a "customer care fund" to finance customer recovery activity, and deployed a portfolio of customer care programs across the Division. Over a short time, customer satisfaction significantly improved, and repeat business in Applications products increased considerably.


“Philip Radburn [Managing Principal BusinesSPM] ... established our Customer Care organisation from scratch, and built it into a team of 15 people operating in all countries in the region. Through this work, Philip made a significant contribution to our sales growth.“

Derek Williams, EVP Asia Pacific, Oracle Corporation

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