Give your performance a boost!

The BusinesSPM BusinessValueAAA (Assess-Activate-Accelerate) methodology and tools will improve your capability and top line performance.
  1. Firstly, in BusinessValueAssess you Assess every aspect of your business — people, management, systems, processes and methodologies — and identifies opportunities for boosting your performance.
  2. In BusinessValueActivate opportunities are prioritised, resources assigned, and the performance boost is planned and Activated.
  3. Following Activate, BusinessValueAccelerate creates a performance surge using our proven improvement methods and tools and techniques; see your results Accelerate!
The BusinesSPM services methodology uses:
  1. MyValueBusiness - This tool combines the MySalesBusiness, MyServicesBusiness and MyCustomerBusiness to cover the complete value chain of your organisation.
  2. MySalesBusiness - The MySalesBusiness self-assessment tool allows you to assess the capability and performance of your “sales business” - an individual salesperson’s sales business, a sales team, a sales function or your complete sales organisation!
  3. MyServicesBusiness - MyServicesBusiness allows you to assess your delivery and support “services business”.
  4. MyITBusiness - MyITBusiness allows you to assess how well your IT systems support and secure your business
  5. MyCustomerBusiness - MyCustomerBusiness allows you to assess how well your organisation supports your market objectives and customer strategy!

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