IT Transformation Audit


Jackel Pty Ltd, an Australian company, specialises in manufacturing and marketing branded consumer products, including the Tommee Tippee and Dylon brands.


Jackel was undergoing a significant business transformation involving the introduction of new brands and new channels to market, including eCommerce.
In support of this transformation, Jackel was transforming its internal operations – governance, structure, and functional roles and responsibilities.
Information technology and the IT team were critical to both transformations.


The CEO had identified significant risks in Jackel’s current IT approach – governance risks, strategic risks, project risks and operational risks.


Jackel engaged BusinesSPM to lead a Business Value Assessment and Improvement Program The challenges facing Jackel were addressed using the AAA iterative three phased approach:
  1. Assess the current state of IT within Jacke
  2. Activate an IT strategy and plans which supports the Jackel Strategic Plan
  3. Accelerate implementation of the IT strategy and plans.
Busines-IT Change


“Jackel Pty Ltd engaged BusinesSPM to support the critical transformation of our information technology capability. Philip's contribution was exactly as required and has provided the platform that will ensure the continued successful growth of the Jackel business.”

Jon Biddle, CEO, Jackel Pty Limited