BSC Change Management


Downer is an international engineering, construction, mining and services group, with its headquarters in Sydney, Australia, with some 56,000 employees. Downer Business Shared Services (SBS) serves provides financial transaction processing and payroll services to all Australian-based operating divisions.


The BSC was established using the "lift and shift" of divisional finance and payroll functions into a central location, commencing in early 2015 and completing in early 2016.


The "lift and shift" approach resulted in the BSC resulted in the BSC using over 30 IT systems to service a disparate community, with the rollout of HR/Payroll and ERP platforms commencing in late 2015 and continuing into 2018.


Philip undertook an organisational change management in the transition of divisions into the BSC and in the rollout of the standard platforms. In addition, he took on leadership roles in the Accounts Payable team (60+ staff), the AP Service Desk and the Payroll Service Desk.


"Philip was highly respected by his stakeholders which is a testament of his engagement approach, ability to nurture relationships and technical expertise. Philip worked across a number of Payroll, Accounts Payable, Accounting and Contact Centre initiatives involving major technology and process changes."

Cynthia Singh, Head of BSC, Downer

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