Low Cost Customer eXperience

Low Cost CX - Coming soon - a multi-part paper on improving your customers experience and at low cost!

Here's a peak
Customer Experience (CX) products and services are popular and widely available, but the economics of CX mean that a large investment may not deliver benefits for a long time, if ever. “Low Cost CX” is a response to this challenge.

CX management ensures the dynamics of the relationships between an organisation and its customers generates change within the organisation so that it continues to create value for the customer. It can make an organisation wonderfully profitable with happy customers at the same time, but only if it shifts from spending on failure (making unhappy customers happy) to investing in success (making all customers happy from the start). Making that shift presents an opportunity to reduce your costs by 25-50% and increase your revenue by 10-30%.

CX programs fail because it requires organisations to accept significant change in order to receive the benefits, but significant change programs are notoriously likely to fail.

Low Cost CX uses a much cheaper and less risky approach to change. Although it may not deliver all the potential benefits of “full blown” CX, it is more likely to be successful and its success will provide a sound platform for expansion of your CX program. It uses existing data – from inside and outside the organisation – and simple, easy-to-learn techniques to identify and address issues that adversely affect customer experience.

The fundamental challenge of CX is that achieving the very high customer satisfaction and higher profits available through CX requires a different approach to managing the organisation – away from the view that making customers happy is a cost that is incurred at the expense of profit. The new approach is progressive management, of which there are a number of philosophies, few of which are in common use, taught in business schools, or promoted by fashionable influencers.