IT Transformation Audit


BWS Lawyers is a commercial law firm that specialises in working collaboratively with business owners and aspirational individuals.


Brown Wright Stein Lawyers had been provided with IT-related services by its incumbent IT provider since the founding of BWS in 2005. These services included the provision of server, desktop and software services.
The provider had informed BWS that it would not be able to provide “network maintenance and support services” three months hence.


The transition of from the incumbent provider, either to in-house provision or to another service provider, required a clear assessment of the current topography of the IT assets of BWS Lawyers. To this end, then firm engaged Philip Radburn of BusinesSPM to conduct such an assessment. The task was complicated by the absence of a single complete repository of relevant documents and information.


In response BusinesSPM:
  1. Documented a complete and correct inventory of all Lawyers' IT assets with an assessment of their condition and disposition
  2. Identified opportunities to improve the “fitness for purpose” and “fitness for use” of the IT capability of BWS Lawyers.


"Philip was required to quickly develop rapport with our management, staff and service providers and work with them to understand, analyse and document our situation. Philip did so admirably and has provided us with a solid baseline for the next phase of our IT strategy."

Karen Appleby, CEO, BWS Lawyers

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