Business Objects2
Productivity Improvement Program - ANZ


Business Objects provides business intelligence software and services worldwide. It is now part or SAP, the world leader in enterprise applications in terms of software and software-related service revenue.


Business Objects Australia-New Zealand was entering the second year of an organisational improvement effort. The previous year was one of rebuilding and the focus was on improving customer satisfaction, hiring new employees (most current employees joined during the year) and to an extent, process improvement. The result was strong growth in revenue.
The intention was for the second year to be a one of even stronger revenue growth.


In a market growing at around 10% per annum, a target of two to three times that rate is a challenge.


Implementing a Business Value Assessment and Improvement Program had the potential to unlock the latent revenue generating capability of the company and increase the top line through improving sales productivity. The key parts of the approach were:
  1. Improving the performance of the Sales organisation through disciplined execution of strategies and plans
  2. Building team performance across the organisation by aligning all groups behind the revenue growth objective
based a quantitative and qualitative in-depth assessment of the current organisation and the latent opportunity to improve Business Objects ANZ's ability to sell more and save more.


"BusinesSPM conducted a review of the Business Objects Australia-New Zealand business. They helped me identify where there was unrealised potential for revenue and margin improvement and where the barriers were to unlocking that potential. They then helped the ANZ management team develop roadmaps and priorities to deliver on that performance improvement. The results were so good that I contracted BusinesSPM to do the same for our Greater China businesses, and the outcome was just as impressive."

Keith Budge, SVP and GM Asia Pacific, Business Objects