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I'm Philip Radburn, founder of BusinesSPM and the editor of this newsletter.
My purpose in producing it is to share insights in improving business performance through systematically focusing on the customer and applying people's inherent talents to improving organisational value creation.
I hope you enjoy this newsletter and receive benefit from it.
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Better Service from Service Providers
Tips for Customers
You can spend a lot of time and money on CX programs, but will you get your expected return?.
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Low Cost Customer eXperience
You can spend a lot of time and money on CX programs, but will you get your expected return?.
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All the Way with RPA!
How to get what you need from RPA.
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When too many methodologies is never enough!
Make sure you have what you need to make your initiative a success.
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Success Meetings
Investing in “Success Meetings”
Don't spends on "failure meetings", invest in "success meetings".
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Great Meetings
Tips for more effective meetings.
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CHOICES-YOU-MAKE Linkedin [essetino.empowerment network]
7 Tips that will improve your Decision-making
Better decision making offers a competitive advantage!
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IT Management
18 Imperatives for Improving the ROI of ICT
Understand your vendors motives; save on software;
run more successful projects and more!
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IT Service Management
Improving your Service Desk
Boost productivity and user satisfaction and more!
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Leveraging Service Level Agreements
Make SLAs a key feature of improved service!
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The 12 Key Drivers of Business Performance
Our research into over 60 IT vendors has revealed insights
that will help you sell more and save more.
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2015 Sales Productivity Survey

Now underway.  Your participation is invited - receive a free
Sales Productivity Assessment against 50+ global and local IT companies!

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